To the Editor:

As a freshman who is new to New Haven and politics in general, being a part of the Ward 1 Democratic Committee and going through the nomination process has truly been an educational experience. In the end, I am glad to have learned so much about the city I now call home. I am also glad that this process has also provided me with the opportunity to get to know Dan Weeks, whom I had first met through his work with the Yale College Democrats.

Some may fault Weeks for his focus on campaign finance reform, but to me, devotion to an issue with the will to see it through from inception to completion is not a weakness but a major strength. By making an issue of a cause he felt strongly about, Dan was instrumental in letting students make a difference on something worth caring about. I was proud to see members of the Dems take action by going to Hartford and speaking to legislators, and that experience was possible largely because of Dan’s efforts.

In talking with Dan throughout the nomination process, I couldn’t help but be impressed by the depth of his knowledge, the strength of his convictions and his desire not only to talk about and think about change but also to actually make change happen. My strong belief is that he would bring the same drive and commitment to action he brings to the clean elections campaign to any issue he tackles, and would continue to build on the relationships he has formed with legislators, students and citizens of New Haven.

Dan may not have received the committee’s endorsement, but to me — and many others — he has proven himself to be the best kind of leader and activist, and I am proud to have given him my vote tonight.

Cynthia Okechukwu ’08

March 23, 2005