To the Editor:

As the Executive Board of the Yale College Association of Canadian Students, we would like to clarify that the views expressed by Al Jiwa in last Friday’s article (“Canadian students head south with national pride,” 1/21) are the personal opinions of one Canadian student and in no way represent the spirit of our organization, or indeed, the opinion of most Canadians at Yale. We as a group do find much to be proud of in Canada.

Our organization is dedicated to promoting both awareness of and pride in the Canadian national identity and fostering a sense of community among expatriate Canadians and all those who share our love of America’s northern neighbor. Be it by holding the annual Thanksgiving Dinner, hosting a variety of speakers or even throwing parties to celebrate (frequent) national hockey victories, the YCACS serves as the center of Canadian life at Yale.

While we do acknowledge that the personal and career goals of many Canadians may lead them to remain in the United States after graduation, this is in no way incompatible with a strong sense of pride in the culture, traditions and institutions of our nation.

Ricky Leiter ’06, Lucas Wood ’06, Sara Schlemm ’07, Sean Campion ’06 and Al Jiwa ’06

Jan. 25, 2005