A young woman was hit Tuesday by a Metro Taxi while she crossed the intersection at the corner of Grove and Prospect streets, in front of Commons.

A Metro Taxi worker, who wished to remain anonymous, said the woman was hit by the taxi when she stepped into the street while the pedestrian signal was red.

“All I know is that we’re not at fault,” he said. “It’s a busy spot, you know. It really is. What amazes me is that people walk when it says

‘Don’t walk.'”

The Metro Taxi worker said he did not know the identity of the woman or her condition after the accident. He said the case is under investigation.

Jeremy Ershow ’06, who was nearby at the time of the accident, said he about to cross Grove Street when he heard the taxi hit the woman.

“All of a sudden I heard a smack,” Ershow said. “Someone said something about a person being hit. When I got there, there was already someone who was tending to the girl.”

Ershow said he and others nearby called an ambulance.

The victim was conscious and seemed to be in a stable condition, Ershow said.

“I did not see any blood,” he said.

“From what I saw, she seemed to be aware, because the guy that was hunched over her was talking to her, asking her questions. She seemed to be okay.”

Ershow said after the accident, he and about five other pedestrians redirected traffic around the accident while they waited for an ambulance.

University Police Lt. Michael Patten said he did not know the identity of the victim because the case was handled by New Haven Police.

New Haven Police spokesperson Bonnie Winchester could not be reached for comment on Tuesday.