To the Editor:

It seems like an overreaction to respond to jokes posted on away messages with a caustic editorial in this newspaper. Mr. Cook, I respect your position as a member of the conservative minority here. I grew up in Charlotte, N.C., where President Clinton was mocked almost everywhere I went. You’ll have to excuse my purported “ignorance” for a second when I ask you to practice what you preach: “– at least have the courtesy to stop insulting what you do not understand.” Many of my fellow liberals are not so ignorant of the reasons why President Bush was re-elected. What we so strongly dislike is the black-and-white nature of current conservative politics. Our country has become extremely divided, regionally and culturally, and right now both sides could afford to stop insulting one another.

Zachary Corbin ’04

Nov. 4, 2004

The writer is a former Production & Design Editor for the News.