I’m voting for President Bush today because he has demonstrated the firmness of purpose and clarity of vision to confront the challenges we face as a nation by:

– making Americans safer here at home by taking the fight to the terrorists overseas;

– sharply increasing federal aid for education but insisting on measurement of results and holding schools accountable so every child can learn;

– reforming Medicare by adding a prescription drug benefit for seniors;

– enacting across-the-board tax cuts to jumpstart an economy that was sliding into recession when the president took office;

– reforming Social Security by allowing younger workers to set aside a portion of payroll taxes to create and manage their own retirement account, secure from future government interference;

– helping the economy grow by making it easier for small companies to invest and provide health care to their workers; and by

– helping the economy grow by working aggressively to bring down barriers to other countries erected against United States exports.

These are the steps the president has taken and will continue to take to build a stronger and more hopeful country. In contrast, Sen. Kerry has not demonstrated firmness on national security or a coherent strategy for addressing the major economic and social challenges facing the United States.

On Iraq and terrorism, he’s done no more than second-guess the president without offering an alternative plan of his own. And he wants to raise taxes on small business, punishing the companies that create 80 percent of the new jobs in the United States.

A vote for President Bush is a vote for America’s future. His strong and purposeful leadership will help America prosper in a competitive world economy and protect our families against the real threat of terrorism.

The choice should be clear for you and your family — vote for George W. Bush.