What does Andrew Cedar ’06 want to be when he grows up?

“When I grow up? Hmm … professional basketball player,” Cedar states without hesitation. “I was pretty sweet in fourth and fifth grade. I just got too lazy too learn the moves.”

Nice try, Andrew. But Cedar must have some moves in reserve that got him to his post as president of this year’s Yale College Council. And scene couldn’t help but want to learn more about them.

The basics about Cedar: “He’s really nice.” “Great kid, really funny guy.” “He looks like Harry Potter.” Alright, good start. But those generalizations do not even begin to describe the good old-fashioned fun that is bound to ensue when you sit down with the president of the YCC. The conversation twists, turns and runs laps around itself.

Drum roll please.

El Presidente on the YCC (for starters, “Umm, what is it?”):

College council sounds like student council. So maybe you’re thinking, where are the bake sales, the awkward dances, the faces full of acne? Think again.

“I try to minimize the high school aspect as much as possible,” Cedar says. “Sure there are the small everyday things, which are important, but I try to focus on the larger policies.”

As president, Cedar works with everyone from students to faculty to President Levin himself, devoting much of his time to Yale’s environmental policy and to the Office of Admissions.

In short, the YCC dabbles in a bit of everything: the daily grind (think dining halls and bathroom soap), your social life (think Spring Fling) and the “bigger picture” (think world peace). Dabble away, Andrew.—

But it’s got to be asked: Fall show? What’s the deal, man? In typical political fashion, though President Cedar promises he’s not hoping to follow in W’s footsteps (who is?), Cedar spins the conversation: why not sacrifice the fall show for something better than a Third Eye Blind Spring Fling?

Well, who would Cedar want to come for Spring Fling?

“Britney Spears.” (Pause.) “Nooo, don’t write that,” but he’s laughing.

“The Man” on Female Superheroes and the Adventures of Dating:

Next a simple either/or question. Catwoman or Wonder Woman? Perhaps you think it’s a no-brainer (duh, Halle Berry is so hot) or maybe you’re somewhat torn (Wonder Woman does have some pretty sweet boots). Cedar thinks neither.

“Catwoman scares me,” Cedar says.

Intriguing. Is he scared of strong women?

“Wait, strong or tall? I didn’t hear you.”


“Both,” he admits, cowering.

Alright, at least he’s honest.

Speaking of women … does Cedar have a lady-friend?

He smiles. His private life is private (touche) — but he gives just enough information.

“I’m happily taken.”

Damn — there goes the Harry Potter fantasy.

Our Fearless Leader on Music, Dance and the Inevitable Nudity:

Cedar is partial to bluegrass and jazz. Unknown fact: He tagged along on the tour of his fave band Bela Fleck and the Flecktones at the end of his senior year of high school. He even made a documentary based upon his travels. Think “Almost Famous.” But did he find his Penny Lane?

“Nah, I wasn’t really into the groupies,” Cedar said. “They did give me some cool trinkets though.”

Trinkets, huh?

Anyway … this conversation eventually led, as all conversations always do, to Naked Parties.

“I mean I know I’ll go to one eventually,” Cedar said.

Well, good. Will you let your constituents know when and where? People will be there for the presidential scandal, fo-sho. Cedar is obviously comfortable with the human form. What about his own bod — boxers or briefs?

“Boxers. Does anyone actually wear briefs?” Cedar asks, incredulous.

Well, what about boxer-briefs?

“Those things are weird … really weird. My only question is why?”

Nobody knows, Andrew. Nobody knows.

Anyway … back to the music (which obviously leads back to nudity): Michael or Janet?

“Jackson?” Cedar questions.

You know it.

“My first thought is Michael, but the boob thing with Janet last year sways it for me.”

Doesn’t it for everybody? Clearly, Cedar moves with the times. But can he really move, i.e. shake it, get down, do his thang?

“I think I can. I mean, I invented the lawnmower,” Cedar boasts casually.

What about the sprinkler and the shopping-cart?

“I love all the moves,” he informs.

Of course he does.

The Chief on the Next Commander-in-Chief:

The question on everybody’s mind: who does the YCC prez endorse in the upcoming election?

Cedar is eager to tell.

“I think a lot about it. It’s no secret — I make my political views known,” Cedar says. “I really want John Kerry to win.”

Equally important: who is his favorite ninja turtle?

“Um, Michelangelo,” Cedar answers, puzzled.

He’s the party dude. That must be why.

“Well yeah, but I like his art the most too.”

And there you have it, Mr. President in a nutshell. Watch out, Kobe.