Ralph Ferrucci, who had intended to campaign on the Green Party ticket for Congress this year, said this week he would not appear on the ballot, although he would continue to run as a write-in candidate.

A candidate for mayor in 2003 on the Guilty Party ticket, Ferrucci — who is coordinating Ralph Nader’s presidential campaign in Connecticut — did not file the necessary paperwork to be listed with Rep. Rosa DeLauro, a Democrat, and Republican challenger Richter Elser ’81.

“It’s just too late to do it now. I was in the middle of doing the Nader ballot access, and I just didn’t think of it,” Ferrucci said. “I’m somewhat relieved, because it’s been bothering me for a while that people weren’t informed of it.”

Ferrucci said due to his commitment to the Nader campaign he did not intend to embark on an ambitious write-in campaign.

In 2002, Charlie Pillsbury ’72 received 5 percent of the vote running on the Green Party ticket against DeLauro and Elser.

— Jacob Leibenluft