Ben Brogadir

College/Year: Saybrook ’07

Hometown: Bedford, N.H.

Major: Undeclared

While the Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee Chairman is the go-to person for campus groups looking for funding, Ben Brogadir ’07 hopes the Yale College Council will be the “go-to organization” for all students.

Brogadir, who served as a representative to the YCC this year, is also a brother in Sigma Alpha Epsilon and has spent his weekends skiing with the club team or participating in college intramurals.

“The clubs and organizations on this campus are a lot of what makes Yale great,” Brogadir said. “If the YCC and UOFC increased these groups’ funding, and strengthened communication, Yale student activities could more easily achieve their goals.”

Besides expanding the UOFC’s budget, his main priority, Brogadir hopes to lift bans barring funding for student publications, if elected UOFC chairman. Looking to the YCC at large, Brogadir would like to use his tenure to support universal keycard access, to implement a transferable dining dollars system where students can utilize unused meal credits at local eateries and Yale graduate schools, and to increase communication between student government and the undergraduate population.

“It is important that students know where to go for money and how they go about getting it,” Brogadir said.

Rose Jia

College/Year: Pierson ’07

Hometown: Freemont, Calif.

Major: Political Science, History (anticipated)

Rose Jia ’07 wants to show you the money.

“As UOFC chair, I want to work for a larger budget that will allow organizations to meet their goals,” she said.

Jia served as a liaison to the UOFC this year, and was also involved in Mock Trial, the Taiwanese-American Society, the Chinese-American Student Association, and was a member of the Korean-American Students at Yale.

In order to facilitate accessibility to UOFC resources, Jia said she hopes to publish a guidebook that will give organizations — both old and new — guidance for navigating the logistics of obtaining funds, securing room space, and communicating with Yale administrators. Jia would also like to ensure that the UOFC remains completely autonomous from the Dean’s Office so that student decisions are protected from administrative encroachment.

Anticipating opposition to YCC initiatives such as universal keycard access in the coming year, Jia said she would like to actively involve the Yale community in supporting YCC and UOFC ideas.

“Since these are issues that affect everyone,” Jia said, “I hope to use petitions from student organizations, and from students themselves, to demonstrate our resolve in seeing our goals realized.”

— Michael Katz