Geraldine Gassam

College/Year: Timothy Dwight ’07

Hometown: Virginia Beach, Va.

Major: Political Science, International Studies (anticipated)

Geraldine Gassam ’07 is committed to her issues.

The Yale College Council secretary candidate said she is especially passionate about universal keycard access for undergraduate students, an initiative that in the past has been met with strong administrative opposition. By first working toward universal keycard access on Old Campus for all freshmen, Gassam hopes to garner enough support to eventually achieve universal access for all students on campus. She said she will push for the plan even if she is not elected secretary.

Gassam has served on the FCC for two semesters and is involved in Yale College Democrats, as well as in DanceWorks. She said her experience with student government in the past has given her the skills necessary to be successful as secretary of the YCC.

Strengthening the relationship between the YCC and the Undergraduate Career Services, as well as improving the atmosphere and quality of mental health services at University Health Services, are also priorities for Gassam.

“Our main purpose on the YCC is to lobby student needs to the administration and to be a positive force of change for students on campus,” Gassam said.

Michael Schwab

College/Year: Calhoun ’06

Hometown: Glenmont, N.Y.

Major: Political Science, Computer Science

As a YCC secretary candidate, Michael Schwab’s message focuses on communication.

Working from his background in computers, Schwab ’06 would like to expand YaleStation to include message boards for campus-wide discussion, as well as a posting board for students to organize study groups.

As a representative this year on the YCC, Schwab has “seen a lot of missed potential,” he said. Schwab is involved with the concert and jazz bands and is a member of the Yale Russian Chorus. He stressed the need for increased communication and organization on the YCC, both things he believes he could bring to the position of YCC secretary.

Schwab said he is concerned that students spend too little time outside, a trend he feels can be reversed if the YCC asked Yale to provide additional tables and benches around campus that would be conducive to studying and dialogue.

After researching innovative audio recorders recently manufactured by Sony, Schwab said he believes students could record performances, lectures and other events on campus if the administration provided them to undergraduates.

“The YCC currently makes money all year and then spends it on Spring Fling,” Schwab said. “I don’t like that model. I’d like to see more money spent in new and innovative ways.”

— Michael Katz