There won’t be a king or a queen at Spring Fling, but there will be Third Eye Blind.

Yale College Council President Elliott Mogul ’05 said yesterday that the band has signed a contract with the University and will play around 2 p.m. on Tuesday, April 27.

Mogul said other activities for the day could include “a fun, silly competition” as well as student band performances. Departing Yale College Dean Richard Brodhead has also hinted that he will make a guest appearance. Mogul said the YCC may work with various student organizations to plan other activities.

He also said the YCC has decided against staging a “king and queen of Spring Fling” contest.

Speculation about Third Eye Blind playing at Yale began about three weeks ago when the band listed Yale on its Web site as the venue for an April 27 concert.

Spring Fling co-chairman Austin Broussard ’06 said the Yale Student Activities Committee also “looked seriously” at Big Boi and Maroon 5. There were 14 bands in all that the YCC considered bringing, Mogul said.

“In the end, Third Eye Blind was the best fit for us both in terms of their availability during our reading week and in terms of our usual budget,” Broussard said.

Antonio Daggett ’05 said he thinks Yale “could have done better” than Third Eye Blind, though he said he will probably still attend the concert.

“Third Eye Blind is sort of washed up these days,” Daggett said. “I don’t find them a particularly talented group.”

But Matthew Boelig ’06 said he has been “putting a little friendly pressure” on a YSAC member he knows to get Third Eye Blind. Boelig said he saw Third Eye Blind perform three times in eight days last April. After bass player Arion Salazar stepped on the set list at a concert, Boelig obtained the list and had Salazar sign his footprint at a later concert.

“I’ve heard people bad-mouthing them, calling them a middle school band,” Boelig said. “I think people will be surprised by their new stuff.”

Boelig said he will also attend an April 24 Third Eye Blind concert at Fairfield University.

YCC Treasurer Andrew Cedar ’06 said the total cost for Spring Fling looks to be around $70,000. Cedar said $50,000 of that will come from the President’s office. Yale-Harvard Fusion and Winter Ball together should pay for another $7,000, he said. Cedar said other contributions typically come from the Council of Masters, the Dean’s office and the Graduate and Professional Student Senate.

“Meeting the cost depends entirely on the various people who contribute money to Spring Fling,” Cedar said.

Mogul said Third Eye Blind fell within the YCC’s price range for the band component of Spring Fling.

“We got a very good deal with them,” Mogul said. “I’d say they’re not the most expensive and they’re not the least expensive [band the YCC considered hiring].”

One YCC member said Third Eye Blind was at the top of the student survey.

“Historically, we’ve never been able to get someone on top of the list,” the member said.