At the beginning of the year, to induce sales, the site offered 100% free dishes without even requiring the purchase of another dish. This complimentary campaign attracted a lot of initial interest from Yale students, but many are still not aware of just what this site has to offer.

All restaurants deliver, excluding Golden Restaurant, for free — bearing in mind a tip is expected for the driver. The free delivery service is considered quite a perk in the eyes of Rachel Mannheimer ’07, because it does not punish a student “if she happens to be in, say, Silliman, and her friends are too lazy to walk to the restaurant she wants to go to.”

Angela Wu ’07 said she agrees with Mannheimer on the issue of bringing the eating establishments to the stranded student, however she chooses not to use the system “unless it is offering a free special” because she has “already paid good money to be on the required school meal plan.”

Perhaps in the future an option could be added similar to Flex dollars, allowing students to purchase meals from as part of their meal plans.

But just what meals can a student order from The site offers daily student specials, which gets Yalies free dishes or amazing deals like Jaylyn’s Fried Chicken’s special of a 12-piece chicken meal, which also includes a six-piece wing meal, three large sides, six biscuits, and a 2-liter all for $17.50. However, if one is looking for less of a heart attack, he or she could check out the healthy and heart-pleasing options at Chap’s Grille.

Though most restaurants do not begin taking orders until 11:00 am, breakfast is still an option. Jaylyn’s Fried Chicken offers an entire “waffle menu,” which includes the normal Belgian waffles, but it also runs the extra mile with “fish & waffles” or “shrimp & waffles” — don’t wince until you’ve tried it, and remember, light on the tartar sauce. However, if one is looking for a tad more traditional breakfast menu, Chap’s Grille offers everything from steak & eggs to omelets to lox to corn beef hash, along with the traditional sandwiches, wraps and burgers.

But what is that in the distance? The gentle rumbling of the vegetarian tummy? Never fear, herbivores! Chap’s Grille also takes on one’s leafy longings with over 30 vegetarian options in the salad, Mideastern and platter realm. And Mannheimer also adds that “the system really abets vegetarians because they can go online and see the menu and know the [meatless] options ahead of time,” thus ceasing the ever-present vegetarian fear of the “meat lover’s” restaurant.

So the next time one stumbles into the dining hall and sees meat loaf is the dish of choice (again), remember, fried chicken is just a mouse click away.