The Yale College Council will be up to more than Spring Fling this semester.

This semester, the YCC plans to build on projects it initiated last semester — expanding its airport shuttle service, distributing discount cards and holding a University-wide day of community service, to name a few — YCC Vice President Nirupam Sinha ’05 said. Sinha said the YCC will also be open to new initiatives throughout the semester.

The council hopes to distribute cards that will give students, faculty and staff discounts at local businesses next week, Sinha said.

He said the YCC plans to offer airport shuttle service over spring break. The council helped run buses from Bradley International Airport in Hartford to Phelps Gate on the last day of winter break this semester.

“We’re looking to extend it by having it run from campus to Bradley for two or three days at the beginning of spring break and two or three days at the end of spring break coming back to campus,” Sinha said.

The community service day is being targeted for April 24, Sinha said. He said the YCC will work in conjunction with Dwight Hall; Alpha Phi Omega, a coed service fraternity and Vice President for Finance and Administration John Pepper’s office.

Sinha said he would like staff, faculty and students to work together on projects such as painting schools and working with Habitat for Humanity. He said the day’s goal is to build relations within the Yale community and in the Yale-New Haven community.

“We hope that this will get people out to these projects more than once,” Sinha said.

The council may also establish a faculty advising award honoring departing Yale College Dean Richard Brodhead. Though the whole council has not yet approved the plan, permission to use Brodhead’s name has been secured, Sinha said.

“I suspect it’s not going to be very controversial,” Sinha said.

Brodhead might also be a part of Spring Fling, Sinha said. Yale Student Activities Committee member Tre Borden ’06 said at a Jan. 25 YCC meeting that Brodhead could be the emcee for a “King and Queen of Spring Fling” contest.

YCC Treasurer Andrew Cedar ’06 said he met with University President Richard Levin Monday to talk about an initiative the council adopted last semester that included several proposals to help make the University more environmentally friendly. Cedar said he has been working with the Yale Student Environmental Coalition and the Climate Campaign. He said he is optimistic that the administration will look “seriously” at the proposal.

YCC Secretary Lenore Estrada ’05 said in an e-mail that she hopes to meet with Undergraduate Health Services to talk about putting cards in bathrooms that would inform students on how to inspect themselves for breast cancer and possibly testicular cancer.

YaleStation chairman Chaitanya Mehra ’06 said he has several plans for the Web site. He said YaleStation has taken over the domain name and is incorporating it into a new party service available through the site’s “Blue Room.” The service will allow undergraduates to invite one another to upcoming parties. Mehra said he hopes to have the service up by the middle of February.

YaleStation will also bring back its “Where in the World” service, which allows Elis to locate each other over the summer. Mehra said he hopes to have the system online by spring break.

YaleStation already has a music downloading service available that allows undergraduates to share music they create, Mehra said.