The YCC — along with the Graduate and Professional Student Senate and Graduate Student Assembly — will offer a quick, cheap alternative to Connecticut Limo for students returning to campus after winter recess, Yale College Council Transportation and Security Committee Chairman Steven Syverud ’06 said Tuesday.

Three chartered buses from Pawtuxet Valley Bus Lines will run every hour, on the hour, from 10 a.m. till 9 p.m. on Jan. 11, taking students from Bradley International Airport in Hartford to Phelps Gate, Syverud said. One-way tickets will cost $15 and, in the future, round-trip tickets will be discounted, Syverud said.

Connecticut Limo customer service representative Kathy Tenyi said her employer’s most recent holiday student fares from Bradley to Yale, which were offered around Thanksgiving, were $34 one-way and $50 round trip.

YCC President Elliott Mogul ’05 said the YCC will evaluate the shuttle’s success after Jan. 11.

“Not only is it a test of whether or not we’ll use Pawtuxet in the future, but it’s also a test of whether the program will continue at all,” Mogul said.

Syverud said the YCC intends to keep running the shuttle.

The buses will only run on Jan. 11, the day before the Spring term begins, but Syverud said he thinks the service will still be more convenient than Connecticut Limo’s because the bus will only stop at Phelps Gate. Students will reserve spots on the bus at

GPSS President Jason Marshall SOM ’04 said he did some “preliminary number crunching” for the project. He said he thinks increased competition could lower Connecticut Limo’s prices or create more discounts for Yale students.

“Going to New York, the prices are more competitive,” Marshall said. “We see an opportunity in Hartford partly because there’s less competition — I believe students are paying more than they have to.”

Syverud said he hopes the new service will lower Connecticut Limo’s prices.

“As long as they’re charging the prices that they charge, I hope it cuts into their business,” Syverud said. “If we’re successful enough that we force them to lower their prices to $15, that would be a great end result.”

But Marshall said he cannot blame Connecticut Limo for charging what it does.

“It’s what I would do if I was in charge of Connecticut Limo,” he said.

Syverud said Pawtuxet’s price of $875 to charter one bus was $200 to $300 less than all other bids.

Syverud is a staff reporter for the Yale Daily News.

Tenyi said she was not authorized to comment on Connecticut Limo’s financial decisions. Authorized officials were unavailable for comment.

GSA Chairman Christopher Mason GRD ’07 said he thinks the airport shuttle will benefit graduate students, but perhaps not to the same extent that it will undergraduates. Marshall said he thinks graduate students will eventually use the service, but probably not in January.

Syverud said the process of procuring the shuttles was slowed down when the Dean’s office informed him he had to submit Pawtuxet’s insurance information to the University’s office of risk management.

Risk Manager Marjorie Lemmon said she has received a certificate of insurance indicating that “Yale’s interests would be covered” in the event of an accident.

“They’re very reputable insurance companies,” Lemmon said.