Q: How do you feel about Greek life at Yale? Is Greek life well represented and/or well publicized (fraternities versus sororities)? Do many social events revolve around Greek life? Do you feel that Greek life is a part of the college experience [at Yale]? Please include any other thoughts you have on Greek life at Yale.

Jenevieve Lee JE ’06: “Fraternities are a presence, but certainly not the a very big presence on campus. Their late nights and themed parties draw a regular crowd. But other than throwing parties, fraternities don’t seem to have much of a presence in any other department. Well as far as I know. Sororities, on the other hand, are nowhere to be seen. They have an — invisible presence on campus? If I didn’t have a suitemate who was in one, I would have never have guessed they existed here.”

Roger Eduardo JE ’06: “UUUUMMMMM, yeah, Greek life at Yale — here’s what I know about it — Costas and Gerasimos — that’s about it — And do you think Trinidadian life is well represented at Yale??


Michelle Weitz JE ’06: “I don’t know anything about Greek life! I hear about parties, but I never go to them. I hear some of them are really, really good and some of them are really, really bad. It seems to be hit and miss — the same fraternity will throw a really good party or a really bad party. It seems to depend on the people that go to it. I am still clueless about what fraternities do outside of giving parties. I don’t think it’s that well represented because I only see things about it on little white paper flyers taped to the pavement on Old Campus. It doesn’t seem to be a big part of college experience, it’s just something out there that other people do and I never seem to be around them.”

Laura Gutowski BR ’07: “I think Greek life at Yale is an important factor in getting kids a chance to have fun instead of studying all the time. Many non-Greeks attend Greek parties, but they are only well publicized to those on the fraternities lists and their friends. Many Yale students are not even aware that there are sororities on campus. Some, but not many, social events revolve around Greek life, mainly at Late Night Parties to end the night. Greek life by no means has to be part of the college experience at Yale like it is at many other schools, but it certainly can be if you want it to. Particularly for underclassmen, it is a great way to quickly meet many new people.”

Questions and answers compiled by Jean Clemente ’06.