MAG: How do you feel about Arnold Schwarzenegger governing California? Would he make a good president?

Monique Marez ’07: “Poor, poor California. He would be an awful president and I would absolutely not vote for him.”

Peter Coe ’05: “It is quite ridiculous — and he could never run for president, he’s foreign.” [Mag Note: Point taken, Peter. But we’re the Magazine — we can ask you whatever we want, whether or not it’s realistic. Don’t question us again.]

The Senate joined the House in passing legislation Friday to grant President Bush’s request for $87 billion for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Do you consider this a waste of money?

Victoria Katsarou ’07: “Absolutely. It is an astronomical waste. I think the money should be used for education and welfare.”

Li Cai ’07: “I think so — it’s just not necessary anymore.”

How do you feel about this year’s World Series?

Steve Kriss ’07: “I’m from New York, so I’m a Yankee fan. It seems like an exciting series — but the Yankees will definitely win.” [Mag Note: Want to take that back now, Steve? If not, that’s all right, you can continue to live in denial.]

Will you be voting in the aldermanic election on Nov. 4? Why or why not?

Remle Stubbs-Dame ’06: “I will, because I feel civic duty to be involved in New Haven government.”

Erica Oppenheimer ’06: “No, I will not be voting in the upcoming election as I am not a registered voter in Connecticut. Instead, I vote absentee in Texas. I’d vote for Healey, though, if I was registered.”

Qing Wang ’06: “No. I am not an American citizen.” [Mag Note: You should talk to Arnold about that one.]

Questions and answers compiled by Jocelyn Courtney ’07 and Jean Clemente ’06.