From the publisher:

Firstly, I would like to thank Freeman for his input on the decision to run the advertisements paid for by the One Truth Foundation. When approving the ads for publication, I did have my reservations, and I would like to reiterate Freeman’s comment that these advertisements do not reflect the view of the Yale Daily News, the Business Board or me.

The Yale Daily News does not publish paid advertisements that are deemed distasteful, lewd or explicitly vulgar.ÊI do not feel that the ads in question violate any of these principles. Prior to publication I reviewed each ad to see that it met these standards.

I take issue with a number of Mr. Freeman’s, and others’, concerns with the advertisements. Mr. Freeman alleges that the ads “portray an entire people as terrorists and murderers.” The ads constitute a political and social commentary. Yes, they are somewhat misleading. They are not racist. The material in the advertisements, although sourced and documented, is sensitive and controversial, and I recognize this as the intent of According to its Web site, which I consulted a number of times before allowing insertion of the advertisements, the organization seeks to “shed light on the falsehoods, reveal the untruths, and make clear the moral difference between the legitimate desire for self-determination, which we all share, and the wanton acts of terror embraced by so many in the Arab community.” I cannot vouch for’s intentions, but this does not strike me as the rhetoric of a racist organization.

I understand that some of our readers may be offended by the advertisements. I would not hesitate to run similar ads on the other side of the issue. This paper will continue to run ads for the duration of the contract.

Christian K. Schaub ’05

November 4, 2003

The writer is the publisher of the Yale Daily News.