As a native of Los Angeles, I was thrilled when a Mexican restaurant opened last year, promising tasty food at reasonable prices. Unfortunately, that restaurant turned out to be Mexicali Grille. The legion flaws in its execution — the flavorless rice, the stale chips, the lumpy, too-large burritos, the indifferent service — filled me with an inexpressible sadness. Burritos, my friends, are a serious matter.

By contrast, my discovery of the Burrito Du Jour cart last month has been a highlight of my year so far. The cart is everything Mexicali Grille is not: quick, friendly and astonishingly delicious.

Rather than improve its food, Mexicali Grille would apparently like to deploy quasi-Soviet tactics to drive Burrito du Jour out of the neighborhood. Their Mexican-food monopolism is unconscionable.

Resist, dear burrito cart, resist! Yale students everywhere stand with you.

Adam A. Sofen LAW ’05 October 10, 2003