Former President Bill Clinton LAW ’73 will speak on campus Oct. 31, Yale President Richard Levin said Tuesday.

Clinton, who spoke to a capacity crowd of 8,000 on Cross Campus during Yale’s tercentennial celebration in the fall of 2001, will return to the University as part of an arrangement with the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization. Levin said Globalization Center Director Ernesto Zedillo GRD ’81 extended the invitation to Clinton earlier this year.

“[Clinton] gave a wonderful talk at the Tercentennial and I’m sure [at] whatever event is held — he will meet the students’ expectations,” Levin said. “He’s a great speaker.”

Tammy Sun, a Clinton spokeswoman, said she did not yet have specific information about the event.

“The topic has not yet been determined,” Sun said.

In his Yale speech two years ago, Clinton outlined both the advantages and challenges of globalization and urged the United States to continue globalization efforts in spite of the heightened national security in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

This year, Clinton addressed graduating classes at Syracuse and Tougaloo universities.

Globalization Center associate director Haynie Wheeler declined to comment about the specifics of the event.

“[Distributing tickets is] going to be so complicated,” Wheeler said. “We didn’t want to make any announcement at all until we’re ready.”

Maren Ludwig ’05, voter registrar for the Yale College Democrats, called the possibility of Clinton coming to campus an “amazing” opportunity. Ludwig said she hopes to attend the talk.

“It’s on Halloween, that always poses an interesting dilemma for people,” she said, adding that she would definitely attend if possible.

Yale College Republicans vice-chairman Robert Chung ’06 said Clinton deserves “some respect” for being a Yale alumnus who served as president for eight years.

Chung said he intends to go to the event.

“[But] I’ll probably be more inclined to look for the negative,” he said.

Yale College Democrats Vice President Nirupam Sinha ’05 said Clinton was generous with the organization last time he visited campus, allowing 10 members speak with him for about 20 minutes. Sinha said the group hopes to have an event for most of their membership as well as most of the Yale community.

“Every time I’ve had a chance to go see him in the past — it’s been great,” Sinha said. “I would give up on Halloween festivities to do so.”