To the Editor:

As the onetime YCC presidential candidate who ran on a platform of separating the activities and issues functions of the council, I would like to congratulate Elliott Mogul and the YCC for the changes they have made.

After I ran for president (way back in the spring of 2001), I returned to the council as a rep., only to be discouraged by how much the council had become politicized by forces, chief among them the unions, that care little for the quality of student life. What would be the point, I asked myself, of trying to create a council wholly devoted to issues if its agenda would be dominated by those who were indifferent to making students’ everyday lives better?

While I regret giving up my efforts to reform the council, I am cheered by the fact that others have taken up the cause and succeeded where I could not — and would not. I only hope that this new organization will fulfill the true purpose of the YCC, and not the wishes of outside groups who seek to use student representation for their own profit.

Jack Snyder ’03

September 8, 2003