To the Editor:

Humor has its place, even perhaps in a labor dispute. But Alexander Cote’s childish attempt to make a joke out of the current strike (“We Are the Next Grammy Winners?”, 9/5) is a disturbing example of how humor can allow us to sidestep a necessary moral response and turn the difficult struggles of real people into mere fodder for mindless laughs.

Cote’s cheerful arrogance, as displayed in his depiction of the picket lines as musical entertainment on the theme of “complaining about money,” performed by “casual” people “lighting up cigarettes” and “eating doughnuts,” is deeply offensive to the strikers and to all those who care about creating a just and respectful community.

Attitudes like the one Cote portrays only perpetuate the polarization of the labor dispute and make it all the more important that workers stand up for themselves and demand greater respect.

Thomas Frampton (“Elitism on display in News’ pages,” 9/4) already warned us to curb the snobbery. Now let’s heed his warning. Say something funny, but not something injurious to the health and happiness of our community.

Lucas Dreier ’04

September 7, 2003