Artspace Gallery, located at 50 Orange Street, has expanded its program to involve performing arts as well as the visual arts. Judd Greenstein is a second-year student at the Yale School of Music and the sound curator for Soundworks, the new addition to Artspace. Greenstein said the overall mission of Soundworks is to “break down barriers between different art forms.”

As part of the new Soundworks campaign, Artspace will be holding concerts Friday nights, hosting bands Greenstein described as “having nothing in common besides their high quality.”

This Friday night Soundworks will host Stanley Maxwell, a funk/jazz fusion band. Soundworks has also hosted pure jazz, bluegrass and modern music concerts.

Helen Kauder, the executive director of Artspace, said the overall mission of the gallery is to “push work in ways that relate to various media of the visual arts intersecting.”

Kauder also said that the she hopes the new Soundworks program will draw more attention to the museum, since it will now be open to music fans in the evenings.