Elliot Mogul

College/Year: Timothy Dwight ’05

Hometown: Coral Gables, Fla.

Major: Ethics, Politics & Economics

A two-year member of the YCC, Elliott Mogul ’05 said he plans to make the council a more streamlined machine of student government.

As this year’s executive chair of the Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee, Mogul said he recognizes the need for better funding for and communication with student organizations on campus.

Mogul also said he is pushing for increased club sports funding and changes within the dining program at Yale, some of which he has already put into effect.

“We already got the two swipes before dinner — and hopefully we’ll be having a late-night dining program coming up soon,” Mogul said. “We’re also looking into extending lunch hours to 2 p.m.”

Mogul said his experience with student government in high school and at Yale has prepared him to deal with the responsibility of guiding the YCC and reforming it to become an even more effective governing body.

Mogul maintains a Web site, EMogul.net, that further explains his plans.

Miles Hall

College/Year: Timothy Dwight ’05

Hometown: Bennington, Vt.

Major: History

A boisterous, energetic sophomore, Miles Hall said he is ready to think “outside the box.” With one semester of YCC membership behind him, Hall said he has many plans for improving YCC and the Yale community. These include expanding bursar capabilities to other stores and vending and copy machines and improving residential colleges’ multimedia resources for both students and professors through streaming video. Hall said he also has bigger plans in store, namely converting the Student Organizations Center behind Yorkside Pizza and Restaurant into a student center and late-night snack bar. Hall said he has already begun to streamline the inner workings of the YCC by eliminating associates, or students that attend a certain number of meetings with the objective of being elected to the council. He said he also wants to make the YCC more fun so more representatives attend meetings. Hall said he plans to further strengthen the YCC by garnering student awareness about YCC proposals and activities.

Edward Pritchett

College/Year: Ezra Stiles ’05

Hometown: Candler, N.C.

Major: Chemical Engineering

In his light southern accent, Edward Pritchett ’05 said that as president, he will reorganize the YCC into a more effective and communicative form of student government. Pritchett said his two years of YCC experience, including serving as Spring Fling co-chairman this year, have brought him to concentrate on the ways to bring Yale’s 12 colleges together. “I was the activities chair for YCC for the last two semesters, and it showed me there’s a strong need for more things that can bring together Yale College as a whole, not just each residential college,” Pritchett said. Pritchett said he is also looking for more funding for student organizations and activities, with the goal of strengthening the students’ voice on campus. “We need to increase students’ ability to say ‘see this needs to be changed,’ so students feel they can have more to do in governing the college they attend,” he said. Pritchett said he plans to put students in closer contact with the governing committees of the YCC. “I’m talking more in the standard committees that we have, like the Dean’s Advisory Committee, ExComm and Police Advisory Committee,” Pritchett said. “We need to increase the contact of students with the decision makers.” Pritchett said there was a need for greater student participation in University decisions. As an example, he cited Cornell University, where two students sit on the university’s board. “I won’t go as far as to say that [for Yale], but I want to be more involved in the decision-making process the University goes through,” Pritchett said.

— Paula Brady