A three-car traffic accident occurred last night on the corner of York and Elm streets, leaving one person injured.

At around 8 p.m. last night, a red car was driving on Elm Street when it rear-ended a Chrysler. The Chrysler then struck a Ford Mustang near the corner of Elm and York streets, New Haven police said.

The driver who initiated the accident was placed on a stretcher and rushed to a local hospital. New Haven Fire Department Lt. Charles Hewitt said the man sustained only minor injuries.

“He has a sore throat and one undetermined injury,” Hewitt said.

However, the injured driver possibly feigned his injuries after a crowd gathered at the accident scene, police said.

“The witnesses to the accidents were two secret service agents,” an officer said. “They said the man was fine until a crowd gathered. Then he started going into convulsions.”

Two other men involved said the accident was just a minor fender bender. The front of one car was smashed, with the windshield still intact.

— Marlon S. Castillo