In an effort to streamline its numerous international initiatives, Yale officials unveiled a Web site Wednesday that provides information about the University’s international programs and admissions.

The new site, titled “Yale and the World,” compiles resources for international students, scholars and other Yale affiliates interested in the University’s global initiatives. The site includes links to Yale programs abroad, information about international student visas and a database of international projects.

One goal of the site is to encourage more international students to apply to Yale, University Associate Secretary Donald Filer said. The site includes links to international admissions and fellowship programs, the Office of International Students and Scholars, English language courses and international student organizations.

Officials said the site also targets current Yale students looking to work or study abroad, domestic and international faculty members, recruiters, researchers, and universities in search of collaborations.

The site also includes links to the Yale University Health Services Travel Clinic as well as the U.S. Department of State. Filer said this is because of increased international security concerns.

Yale President Richard Levin said he thinks the Web site will be useful for students and scholars across the globe.

“The array of our international activities is very impressive, and the directory of faculty projects will be of great value not only to the University but to many others around the world,” Levin said. “Presenting an accurate picture of the full set of international activities at Yale — I think [the site] is all about making that more visible.”

Filer said one of the administrators’ goals in creating the Web site was to compile and organize information from various Yale Web sites.

“This [information] already existed, but it was diffused across the University’s Web system,” Filer said. “[This site] makes it as simple as possible to find the information you’re looking for — You really see the breadth and depth of these activities when you see them organized in one place.”

The site includes profiles and pictures of Yale affiliates across the globe. It also contains a map on which visitors can click to learn about programs located in specific regions. International projects and activities are organized geographically and by topic.

Associate Director of the Secretary’s Office Brett Gale said this site illustrates the University’s plan to increase its international role. He said the site shows Yale is moving beyond rhetoric in encouraging international awareness.

“This reflects, in a very exciting way, where the University is going,” Gale said.

The site also includes lists of the numbers of undergraduate, graduate and professional students in various areas of the world, Filer said.

Officials have been working on the site since September, Filer said. About three dozen people, including faculty and international students, have already tested the site. Filer said he will evaluate the success of the site based on user feedback and the number of “hits” on the site.

“And, I suppose, [I will deem the project successful] if other universities copy it,” Filer said. “But Yale is first.”