To the Editor:

As leaders of Yale’s Jewish community we were shocked and outraged by Sahm Adrangi’s op-ed, “Not just another conspiracy theory: manipulating anger” (2/26). That someone at Yale University in 2003 could believe and write such ignorant and dangerous rhetoric, reminiscent of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and other classic anti-Semitic fabrications, is both disturbing and disappointing.

Yale Hillel holds free speech and free expression as values vital to maintaining our society. Members of our community are involved in advocating for social justice wherever they see such action is warranted. There is not just one Jewish issue, and we represent a diversity of opinions on everything from Israel to the impending labor strike. To suggest that there is a monolithic Jewish approach to any topic is unfounded and ludicrous.

Yale Hillel is proud to have opened meaningful and productive dialogues with the MSA, BSAY, Yale Students for Christ and numerous other campus religious and cultural organizations. Propaganda like that spouted in Wednesday’s op-ed impedes the efforts of everyone on our campus to forge lasting and educated forums for conversation.

Rebecca Rosenthal ’03

Andy Yuspeh ’03

February 26, 2003

The writers are co-presidents of Yale Hillel.