To the Editor:

I was excited to turn to the sports page on Tuesday to find that the indoor track meet between Yale, Cornell and Army on Saturday, Feb. 8, had been covered. It’s always exciting to see the names of your teammates in print after witnessing the extraordinary accomplishments that take place every single week by the Yale track and field team. I was extremely disappointed, however, to find that the article (“Early woes doom men’s track team,” 2/11) was solely dedicated to the men’s track team, without even a mention of how the Women’s team finished. In fact, there was no mention of them anywhere in the paper.

For those who don’t know, this year’s women’s track team is arguably one of the best squads that Yale has seen in awhile. We went up against Cornell, the defending Heptagonal champions in both indoor and outdoor track, and gave them a serious run for their money, walking away with first place in the 55-meter, the long jump, the pole vault, the 3,000-meter, the 4×800-meter, and the list goes on and on. It was truly an exciting and inspirational thing to see the Yale women come out on top in so many areas after watching them give 100 percent every day in order to achieve these goals. The women who pour their hearts and time into this sport deserve to be recognized to the same extent as the men. The women’s track team is an extraordinary group of female athletes who will no doubt accomplish great things this season.

The school that these women run for should know who they are.

Lisa Wygant ’04

February 11, 2003

The writer is a member of the Yale women’s track and field team.