Even today at age 70, Cash continues to create music that tears down boundaries and touches the soul. His latest album, the November release “American IV: The Man Comes Around,” includes covers ranging from Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” to a duet with Fiona Apple on “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

Now, you may write offÊsuch a venture as merely a cheapÊattempt to reach a younger audience. But Cash’s emotional and beautifully restrained arrangements often blow the originals out of the water.

Case in point: a take on Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt.” From Trent Reznor’s mouth, the song is an overly dramatic and self-loathing cry for attention. But when theÊsame words are sung in Cash’s trademark (but increasingly fragile) baritone, “Hurt” becomes an unbelievably touching ode to lost loves and past regrets and easily one of the best recordings of 2002.

YouÊcan check out the recently released videoÊfor “Hurt” at www.vh1.com. But have those tissues handy,Ê’cause this one is aÊtear-jerker. See ya next week —

— Andrew Roach