The only way to describe them [Kyle Burnat and Nicholas Grass] is that they loved every moment. I include them together because I never saw one without the other. Nor did I ever see them not enjoying themselves.

On the morning of the Yale-Harvard game they were the first guys out there. They waited, parked on the street, until the booth opened at 9 a.m. to let them in. Everyone else was sleeping. If it were not for them DKE wouldn’t have even had a party that day. By the time we woke up, it was 11 a.m. and the parking lots were mobbed.

These two guys did not ever stress out over the small things in life — there wasn’t enough time in the day for them to worry about that. They were much more concerned about living life to its fullest every second of every day.

— Nick Sinatra, DKE president