He was my little brother, my son in Delta Kappa Epsilon. I had hopes that he would carry on the great things that my class has done to DKE. He was a national leader and would have led the fraternity to great things as a senior. I had him over for dinner many times over the past one and a half years. I would cook us dinner and then we would play cards — sharing many laughs along the way.

I felt a special bond with Andy although I never told him. It was a bond an older brother would have with a younger one. I am sure he felt it too. We had a natural respect and admiration for each other. We even talked of going into business together in the future.

He was full of life. They all were. They were DKEs. It is our one common trait.

I never saw Andy unhappy or stressed out. Well that isn’t necessarily true. When I told him we weren’t having the card game that weekend, he would get angry, if you want to call it that.

He was my dear friend and I will miss him.

— Nick Sinatra, DKE president