Welcome to my own little corner of the Yale Daily News. Come on in. Take off your shoes. And don’t worry about the dog humping your leg, it’s just how he says hello.

Well, this is where I will usually pronounce my pick for “CD of the Week,” but as the record industry tends to blow its collective release load around the holidays, there is nothing even remotely interesting coming out this week (unless you dig the new “String Quartet Tribute to Jewel,” which you don’t). So we have to get creative.

The music world recently lost two of its classic stars in Clash guitarist Joe Strummer and Bee Gees singer Maurice Gibb. So instead of buying a new CD this week, I want you to find two stereos and play the Clash’s seminal London Calling and the soundtrack to “Saturday Night Fever” simultaneously. Remember to listen for hidden messages. Until next week —

–Andrew Roach