To the Editor:

Monday’s masthead (“Hecklers Close Open Forum with Levin,” 11/11) was a gross mischaracterization of what I witnessed last week while attending the forum.

The Yale Daily News Board describes the forum as an opportunity for Levin to explain “the inner workings of the University.” However, the editorial fails to describe Levin’s explanations. One example is Levin’s accusation that the Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility is engaged in a “witch-hunt.” The ACIR was established by the Yale Corporation in 1972 to assist the school in picking and voting its investment shares in accordance with the Ethical Investment Guidelines adopted by the Corporation. The reason for this is to make sure that Yale does not subvert its primary mission: to better the world through scholarship and honor. Levin’s description of this “inner working of the University” in such negativity is cynical and insulting to the students and faculty who support the ACIR.

Additionally, the column reports that although Levin “not unreasonably let a defensive comment or two slip” in response to student “disrespect,” he persisted in his attempt at being “approachable” and “honest.” This fails to account for Levin’s repeated interruptions of his student questioners. It further fails to show Levin’s insincerity, exemplified by his declaration that we was not fully prepared to answer the questions, many of which he received at least 24 hours in advance.

I am disappointed that the official News’ version of events at the forum neglected key elements of Levin’s conduct and attitude. I hope that in the future, discourse surrounding Yale administrative policies be informed by the full airing of what transpires at the University.

Jon Scolnik ’03

November 11, 2002