Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz says claims that dozens of Connecticut voters also cast ballots in other states two years ago are wrong.

A report from the Republican National Committee recently suggested that 7,700 Connecticut voters were registered in other states and 54 might have voted twice in 2000.

After a weeklong investigation, Bysiewicz said Monday the information provided by the Republican National Committee was “highly flawed” since more than half of the people named never even voted in Connecticut in 2000.

Of the 54 voters listed by the RNC as possibly voting in two states, 15 voted only in Connecticut; 29 voted only in a state other than Connecticut; three were only registered in Connecticut and four names were discounted because they had different dates of birth.

The names of three voters have been referred to the FBI and U.S. Attorney because Bysiewicz has been unable to get the necessary voting information from the other state.

RNC spokesman Dan Ronayne made it clear when the initial documents were released Oct. 8 that Republican officials were not charging anyone with wrongdoing or election fraud.

“To say this was an attempt to take time away from the election is patent nonsense,” he said, Ronayne said, adding that RNC officials were “very disciplined” in their research.

The RNC also turned over the names of about 7,700 voters who may be registered in Connecticut and one other state.

Bysiewicz said she has referred those names to local voting officials in the various towns. The officials have until the end of the year to research the voters and determine if the records are correct.

–Associated Press