Two artistic additions at Koffee Too? may give patrons an added and unexpected treat when they stop in for a cup of coffee or a muffin.

For almost a year now, Koffee Too? has featured an exhibit of photographs of musicians by Dan Hott. The photography exhibit complements weekly concerts in the coffee shop.

“I try to capture artists in the height of their concentration,” Hott said about his work. “When you have a photograph, you’re coming away with more than just a T-shirt or memory of a show.”

Patrons of Koffee Too? can see the black-and-white performance photos of artists such as Bonnie Raitt, Ray Charles and Joan Baez on the walls of the establishment.

According to Tracy Jackson, owner of Koffee Too?, Hott’s works were chosen for display in the shop because he was a neighbor and the music-themed photos seemed to fit with the shop’s atmosphere.

“This is a kind of music-oriented area, with Toad’s right down the street,” Jackson said. “We thought it would be a great display for the coffee shop.”

Hott began taking concert pictures for Mixx magazine in 1995 and has photographed over 400 musicians.

“I have loved photography and music since high school,” Hott said. “This is a way of putting both of my loves together.”

His interest in music helped Hott select the works for the exhibit.

“All the artists [featured in the exhibit] are those who in some way I admire,” Hott said. “I rarely photograph artists who haven’t affected me in some way.”

Interested customers can purchase Hott’s custom-printed photographs directly from him.

In conjunction with visual art displays, Koffee Too? has brought in musical performers since last fall. Every Friday and Saturday night from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m., musicians chosen by submitted demo tapes perform at the shop.

“[Koffee Too? is] becoming a place for people to come and listen to someone they like,” Jackson said.

Jackson said Koffee Too? looks for variety of musical styles among its performers, including jazz, folk and rock.

While Koffee Too? features a lot of local musicians, they also have performers who stop by while touring, with some from outside of the country, Jackson said.

Reception to Koffee Too?’s recent addition has been mainly positive.

“The music kind of makes it hard to have a conversation with someone,” said Sophia Emigh ’05, an art and theater studies major. “But the music and photographs create a nice atmosphere to enjoy while having a cup of coffee.”

Hott’s photography exhibit is the first at Koffee Too? and Jackson says she does not plan to switch to a different artist.

“We’ve heard some very good things and had very positive feedback,” Jackson said. “[The exhibit] will be displayed indefinitely.”

Hott said he has received a number of encouraging correspondences from Koffee Too? patrons who have enjoyed his work.