The University plans to compile an online directory of international activities by the end of the semester, in an effort to create a streamlined information source of Yale’s global endeavors, the Office of International Students and Scholars said in an announcement this week.

The directory is intended to encourage communication and collaboration between students and researchers around the world, Don Filer, associate secretary of the University said. The project is part of Yale President Richard Levin’s recent commitment to make Yale a “global university” focusing on international research and programs, Filer said.

The University began compiling information on faculty members’ international projects this summer. This week’s announcement extended the program to international graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and associates, and visiting scholars.

Levin said the directory will be “useful for everybody — for students, faculty, and people outside of Yale.”

The project involves compiling all such activities into a directory that will be available to students and faculty. Filer said the contact information could help Yalies make connections with people working in their fields in particular countries.

The directory will include formal collaborations, faculty and student exchange programs, and ongoing research projects.

The announcement marks the beginning of another phase of a large project to assemble a University-wide directory of international information, Filer said. The announcement requested that Yale-affiliated researchers working on international projects report their activities, faculty sponsors, department, country or countries involved, project title, and a brief description of the research.

Filer said University officials hope to finish gathering information by the end of the semester. The directory will be updated as Yale researchers begin new projects.

The program was inspired by Levin’s recent trips to China and Mexico, Filer said.

The directory will be a larger-scale version of the information gathered to prepare for Levin’s travels, he said.

“[We want to] broaden our scope beyond particular countries and particular programs,” Filer said.

Filer said the program is not related to funding programs in specific countries.

“Right now, our concentration is on collecting the information,” he said.

Ultimately, he said, he hopes the directory will make it easier for people to access research from all over the world.

Simon Wairegi ’05, of Nairobi, Kenya, said the concept of a directory sounds “very interesting.”

“I think it [is] a really good idea, because I was actually thinking of collaborating with someone on research, specifically on economic development in Africa,” he said. “But I didn’t know where to start or who to get in touch with.”

For international students looking for someone with whom to do research, Wairegi said, the directory will be a valuable resource.

“I feel like this will be something very useful for people in my situation,” he said.