A city police officer who was fired, then rehired after a shooting out tires of a car at a sobriety checkpoint, has a new part-time job as firearms instructor.

Shafiq Abdus Sabur has informed department officials that he has been certified as a firearms instructor with the National Rifle Association.

The police commission fired Abdus Sabur for violating department firearm regulations. In May, the state Department of Labor overturned the termination and ordered him back on the job.

Police union president Sgt. Louis G. Cavalier, said he saw no problem with the moonlighting job.

“He was wrongfully fired,” Cavalier said.

Abdus Sabur’s critics say he has a history of issues with guns.

As a civilian, he had his pistol permit revoked by the state after he brought a firearm to work and left it in the glove compartment of a work truck at a regional educational service center.

In June 1999, he was arrested for giving his brother, a convicted felon banned by law from possessing a weapon, a handgun that he later used to kill another man during a dispute. He was charged with failing to fill out transfer paperwork when he gave the gun to his brother.

Abdus Sabur, 35, later received a special form of probation for first-time offenders and his record later was cleared.

–Associated Press