To the Editor:

I want to clarify the position attributed to me in the article on the American Jewish Committee’s Anti-Intimidation Petition (“Levin declines to sign AJC statement,” 10/14). My statement that criticism of the petition was “extremely valid” does not accurately reflect the feelings of the Yale Hillel community, nor my own views.

The Yale Daily News asked me to comment on this petition, although I explained to them that I had not yet had the opportunity to see it. I was led to believe that the petition only condemned violence and discrimination against Jewish students, and it is for this reason that I said that criticism of the limited scope of the petition was “extremely valid.” In fact, the article describes the petition as stating “that practices of intimidation ‘directed against any person, group or cause’ will not be tolerated.” Given this information, it is my belief that criticism of the limited scope of the petition is not valid.

As Yale Hillel co-president, I am proud to represent the Jewish community and its strong position against acts of hatred and intimidation against all groups and individuals on campus. I hope that our University will continue to respond to any such acts with the speed and seriousness they demand.

Rebecca Rosenthal ’03

October 14, 2002