When history professor John Gaddis’ Cold War class ended Tuesday afternoon, students at the lecture had more to ponder than the mysteries surrounding the Sino-Soviet split.

As Gaddis began his lecture, a bearded man wearing a purple hooded spandex body suit with yellow shorts and red sunglasses unexpectedly entered the Yale University Art Gallery auditorium exclaiming “excuse me, excuse me” and asked Gaddis if he could address the crowd. When Gaddis gave the man permission, he addressed the assembled students for five minutes.

The man in the spandex suit walked to the front of the auditorium and told the audience that he could “argue for many different causes” and that the students in the auditorium were “rich” and attended a “very rich school.” After repeating these statements a second time, the man exited the room muttering “thank you.”

Gaddis said the man’s appearance was unexpected and his identity remains unknown.

— Yale Daily News