Statistics from mass transit operator Metro-North Railroad say more commuters are opting not to go to the office on Fridays.

A statistical report from spring and summer shows that about 1,000 fewer people took the train into Grand Central Terminal on Fridays compared to the same time period last year. The riders paid for monthly passes but didn’t use them on Fridays, Metro-North said.

Ridership usually declines during the spring and summer because of vacations, Metro-North said. But the operator said this year’s decrease was more dramatic.

The biggest changes occurred on the New Haven Line, which travels through New Haven and Fairfield counties.

Metro-North spokesman Dan Brucker said the large drop in Friday riders may be in response to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Summer ridership had been consistent year to year before Sept. 11.

This year, Brucker said more riders “decided that staying home with family, with children, was more important than having perfect attendance at the office.”

–Associated Press