Just when Yale seniors may have felt the warmth of their summer high fading into fall, the Yale senior events committee gave seniors six chances to buoy their moods.

Yesterday’s movie night at York Square Cinemas capped a week full of events planned for seniors only, designed to help them get back into the Yale social scene and begin developing a sense of class unity.

The festivities began last Sunday in the rain with a kick-off barbecue and continued with each night having its own activity, ranging from a trivia night at Anna Liffey’s to bowling to a night at Alchemy.

So far the events have been well-received, well-attended, and met with nearly unanimous praise, Senior Class Secretary Katie Cole ’03 said. Cole said that the response so far had been “unbelievable, even better than I expected.”

Henry Lien ’03 was at the movie night. He said that although he has not met too many new people, he is enjoying the opportunity to think of himself as part of the class.

“I’ve hung out with the same people I would have anyway, but it’s not often that we get to come together as a class,” Lien said. “Normally we are split off with our colleges and rarely together. These types of events are definitely good for class unity.”

These sentiments were echoed by many of the roughly 100 seniors who turned out at 9 p.m. to pay $4 for a movie, free popcorn, and a discount to a future movie.

Cole talked about the difficulties of planning events for a diverse group of people.

“We are doing our best to straddle the fence between those who want to go out and party and drink and those who want more low-key, non-alcoholic events,” Cole said. “So far I think we’ve done a pretty good job.”

To this end, Cole and Senior Class Treasurer Christopher Rovzar ’03 created for the first time a committee designed to help with the brainstorming, planning and execution of these events.

Rovzar is an arts and living editor of the Yale Daily News.

Senwung Luk ’03 emphasized the need for senior-only events, saying that at the end of three years seniors have developed a unique outlook.

“[I was annoyed to] find that a lot of accelerated seniors have been going to these events,” Luk said. “It’s not that there’s an effort to avoid underclassmen, but they just don’t understand the rapid demise of the Yale experience. Every time I get an e-mail for these events it reminds me that I am a senior and almost done.”

Though the number of events the committee has planned will taper off in the coming week, the committee continues to plan events for the future. Next week 200 seniors will be having dinner at Hot Tomatoes on Friday and there will be a beach day on Saturday.

Cole said she hopes to hold the first-ever senior class prom, but even if that does not pan out she said her committee has plans to keep seniors entertained and unified throughout the entire school year.

Jonathan Goldberg ’03, one of three senior event chairmen, explained the importance and idea behind the senior events.

“We have been here for three years, and there are still so many people that are in our class who we don’t know,” Goldberg said. “Hopefully, people will come out to the events to hang out with their old friends and make a few new ones too.”