Those of you in Lawrance and Farnam will certainly enjoy life on Old Campus. Centrally located, the suites are spacious and look out over Old Campus or onto the New Haven Green. Both residence halls have been recently renovated and have hardwood floors, closets, and window frames. All suites have in-suite bathrooms, which are extremely convenient until you have to clean them yourselves. The suites contain a mix of doubles and singles, all of which are large by college standards. Doubles are big enough to fit unbunked beds as well as two desks, and many students choose to loft their beds to increase storage space. Apparently overhead lighting was not part of the renovation plan, so bring plenty of lamps even though the rooms get plenty of sunlight in the daytime. The rooms also lack air-conditioning, so a fan might be helpful during the fall and spring months.

Farnam suites can be connected through fire doors, creating larger, more social suites, and have an internal hallway and common room. They have a fair amount of closet and storage space, and a big perk is that one of the Old Campus laundry rooms is in the basement, so you won’t have to venture outside to get clean clothes.

Lawrance suites also have internal hallways and large common rooms with alcoves. The suite hallways can all be used to cut between suites, making the dorms very social as well. Lawrance rooms also have a large amount of shelf space and plenty of closet space.

These are some of the nicest and newest dorms on Old Campus, so get excited for college living!

–Michelle Rosenthal