Nestled in the far corner of Old Campus, Bingham Hall is a prime display of Yale’s gothic architecture, complete with decorative gargoyles and ornately designed windows. Home to freshmen of Calhoun and Trumbull Colleges, Bingham is the tallest of the freshman dorms, boasting a nine-story main entryway that affords panoramic views of greater New Haven.

In the basement, one will find the Freshman Lounge, a spacious room occasionally used for social functions but more often a peaceful place to study. A few discussion sections meets in the basement — a nice perk for Binghamites who get assigned to these sections and just have to walk down a few flights of stairs.

Laundry and vending machines in the basement, a rarity on Old Campus, are pleasant conveniences for those living in this dorm. Other less-fortunate students may get snow in their laundry baskets as they traipse from Lanman-Wright to the laundry room in Farnam.

Bingham suites tend to be comfortably sized and boast brick fireplaces, wood floors, closets, and large common rooms. Bathrooms are located right outside every suite and receive regular cleaning. The spacious rotunda in the main entryway is an ideal location to throw out-of-control parties that attract the entire freshman class.

–Adam Click