1. Pack a picnic lunch, a good book, a Frisbee and a blanket. Invite your friends on a mini-adventure to East Rock. Forget driving — explore the side streets along the way.

2. Stay up late talking with friends, watch the sunrise over the New Haven Green, and wind up at the Yankee Doodle early in the morning.

3. Compare Pepe’s and Sally’s pizza. Both restaurants claim to have the very best pizza, and everyone in the city has an opinion about who’s right. Even if you can’t decide, you’ll still be really full and happy.

4. Catch a bus to the harbor. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we live on the Sound. Don’t take it for granted.

5. Order dinner at Louis’ Lunch, the “birthplace of the hamburger.” One important hint: don’t ask for ketchup. The staff at Louis’ prides itself on its “perfect” hamburgers, and they don’t believe in ketchup.

6. Stop by Celtica, a little Irish store at 260 College St., for high tea in the afternoon. It’s the cheapest vacation on campus — for $8.50, you get tea and sandwiches.

7. Check out the New Haven Public Library, located on Elm Street across from the New Haven Green. As if you didn’t have enough reading to do.

8. See a performance at the Long Wharf Theater, the Shubert Theater or our very own Yale Repertory Theatre. With dozens of professional performances each year, the play’s the thing!

9. Go to Compline, an evening prayer service at 10 p.m. on Sundays at Christ Church of New Haven on Broadway. Whether or not you consider yourself religious, this half-hour experience is beautiful. A choir sings in the incense-filled, candlelit church — it’s the perfect opportunity to pray, meditate or just relax.

10. Have a drink on the top floor of the Omni hotel with your best friends. Dress up so you blend with the corporate travelers. Extra points for carrying off a fake accent.