There ain’t nothin’ like summer when it comes to wasting time. And one of the best ways to waste the sheer excess of hour-age that summer presents is to involve yourself in a sporting event.

Got three hours to kill? Play sports. Feeling lazy? Watch sports. Sleepy? Listen to sports on the radio. Feeling like a lazy, sleepy columnist? Write a column about the top five summer sporting events.

5. Mets vs. Yankees/White Sox vs. Cubs — Despite the fact that interleague play is rotating divisions this year, each team will retain a three-game set against its interleague “rival.” Truth of the matter is, nobody cares about these “rivalry” games except for the fans in Chicago and New York. The battle for intracity pride always makes for a fun baseball atmosphere. If you get a chance, go and see one of these intracity bashos.

4. Any high school-level summer basketball league tournament — Want to see some good basketball among relative unknowns who could someday be stars? Go to a summer league tournament. If possible, go see some of the big-time teams, like the squads from the Nike Hoops camp. You could witness the next KG hoop it up while still a high schooler.

Otherwise, head out to see your local AAU team. They may not be playing for school pride, but you’ll see some of the best talent in your area go at it.

3. The NBA playoffs — They may be playing indoors, but brightest stars come out during playoff time in the NBA. You could see Allen Iverson drop 42 on the Celtics or the Dallas Mavericks score 130. Scrap together some cheap tickets and go scream your head off. It might not be Yale basketball, but the game will actually mean something, unlike most of the games during the NBA season. If you’re lucky enough to go to the NBA finals, see if you can spot the Lakers’ celebrity entourage courtside.

2. The U.S. Open — I may not be a tennis fan, but I know an important sporting event when I see one. If you want to see great tennis, and an international sport truly appreciated by the United States, go and see the U.S. Open. Then again, it does take place right around the time we get back to school in the fall. If you don’t feel like leaving the New Haven area, you can still see Venus and Serena at the Pilot Pen tourney, right in Yale’s backyard.

1. The All-Star Game — The Major League Baseball All-Star Game is always a big event, and this year’s should be even bigger than normal. Why? Because it’s being hosted by Bud Selig’s own Milwaukee Brewers. After threatening to contract the Twins and Expos, Selig is not the most popular guy in sports right now. With the newly built Miller Park hosting the game, fans in attendance will not only have a chance to cheer on their favorite stars, they’ll get the opportunity to boo Bud Selig from inside his own house. Go if you feel like giving Bud a piece of your mind. Or, if you’re not that bitter, go for the normal fanfare.