On Wednesday night, the exclusive a cappella groups the Whiffenpoofs and Whim ‘n Rhythm ended the agony of 28 juniors as they toured the rooms of Old Campus serenading their newly tapped members.

Scattered around Old Campus, most hopeful juniors were attending parties thrown by their current singing groups, but at midnight, the mood became more sober as the tapping process began.

The all-female Whim ‘n Rhythm opened by singing a newly arranged song “We Are” to the 150 people collected around the High Street Gate. The all-male Whiffenpoofs followed singing “Eli’s Coming” and finished with their familiar closer “The Whiffenpoof Song.”

This past weekend, the Whiffenpoofs held auditions for 32 juniors in good academic standing, Whiff member Sam Brandao ’02 said. The auditions included singing two songs with three current Whiffs and a solo, Brandao said.

Unlike the Fall Tap Night, prospective juniors do not have a choice between groups. The Whiffs and Whims require the auditioners to sign contracts guaranteeing their participation if selected.

With their Mory’s Cup in hand, the tapping process began as the Whiffs fled High Street Gate in search of their new members. Stopping in front of a window in Durfee Hall, the Whiffs’ first selection was Pitchpipe Courtney Williams ’03 of the Alley Cats.

“This is amazing, I don’t believe that I got picked” Williams said.

With the announcement, freshmen following the group retrieved their cell phones and called their respective singing groups to inform them of Williams’ pick.

Meanwhile, the Whims were tapping pitchpipe Alysoun Kegel ’03 of New Blue.

Amber Pincavage ’02 said this year’s Whims have high expectations for the new class.

“We were very impressed with the women who auditioned this year, and the decision was extremely difficult because everyone was so talented. I can’t wait to see what Whim 2003 will become” Pincavage said in an e-mail.

The following juniors will comprise the Whiffs next year: Williams, Brian Fimoff, Talley Lambert, Chuck Colman, Ted Bailey, Devin Caughey, Kevin Sladek, Dave Mount, Jim Johnson, Dave Lerman, Rob Honstein, Stephen Elliott, Chirag Badlani and Vikram Swamy, who will also serve as business manager.

The Whims of 2003 will be: Kegel, Katherine Kunz, Ting-ting Liang, Kimberly Pesta, Isabelle Chumfong, Mara Sorkin, Jesse Vrecenak, Meenah Kim, Allysha Powanda, Erica Westerman, Diana Ong, Alycia Scott, Lindsay Tracy, and business manager Katherine Vagnino.