College/Year: Morse ’04

Hometown: Lancaster, Pa.

Major: Ethics, Politics and Economics

As secretary of the Yale College Council this year, Ryan Sheely said he saw the organization’s potential as well as its image problem.

“YCC needs to focus more on student life issues,” the YCC vice presidential candidate said. “I am basically about fixing the YCC’s image and making it run better.”

He said he wanted the YCC to be involved in improving dining hall flexibility, the minibus transportation service, and the quality of care at University Health Services.

“These are things that students complain about everyday,” Sheely said. “If we are really to be an effective representative institution we need to know what our constituents want and have a bond with them.”

Sheely is the leader of the percussion of the Yale Precision Marching Band as well as the alumni relations chairman of the Yale University Bands. He is also a member of the Financial Aid Standing Committee.

Sheely said that his experience as secretary this year would help him as vice president next year if he is elected. He said he was involved with strengthening YCC attendance rules and revamping the council’s Web site. He said that after working much of the semester, the YCC newsletter would be ready for next fall.

He said much of what he accomplished this year he did quietly.

“It was a lot of behind-the-scenes work,” Sheely said. “One of my big skills is as a facilitator.”

–Martha Fulford