Year/College: Morse ’03

Hometown: Winston Salem, N.C.

Major: English and Cognitive Science

Matthew Johnson said he is running for Yale College Council vice president mostly as a joke.

He said that he and presidential candidate Jared LeBoff ’03 are running on a Rumpus platform. Johnson and LeBoff co-edited Rumpus last semester, and Johnson is its current editor-in-chief.

He said his campaign points to the YCC’s nature.

“We figure that no ever took YCC seriously, so we figure it’s time to have leaders who don’t take it seriously,” Johnson said.

Johnson said that he wanted to extend the YCC’s plans of acquiring YaleStation to include what he called “other irrelevant organizations.”

“It’s time for YCC to acquire all irrelevant organizations,” Johnson said. “We could start by taking over the Herald, then Saybrook College and then the American Studies Department. We could cut down on the number of irrelevant organizations.”

Johnson is on the board of Yale Children’s Theater and has also participated in other independent theater.

On Saturday, Johnson said that he had not put up campaign posters because he had not yet made them.

Johnson said his plan was to change YCC’s attitude.

“I tend not to take [YCC] seriously,” Johnson said. “I hope to shorten the meetings to 10-15 minutes tops. I want to take the whole YCC thing down a notch.”

–Martha Fulford