College/Year: Silliman ’05

Hometown: Sharon, Mass.

Major: Undeclared

Undergraduate Organizations Funding Commitee chairwoman candidate Katherine Reaves ’05 was out of the country and unreachable for comment.

Her candidate statement is reprinted below.

“Hi. I’m Katherine Reaves and I am running for UOFC chairperson.

The UOFC chairperson is in charge of heading up the committee that grants funding to Yale organizations that apply. I am not campaigning because I don’t think that it is necessary to throw a flashy poster in your face in order for you to vote for me.

I would like you to vote for me simply because I am fully qualified.

I can be very impartial and I also believe that I am able to view things in a way in which I am looking out for the best interest of all parties involved.

I am very eager to be in the position to help out all organizations that need it, and I am also very eager to learn more about Yale organizations as I go along.

As UOFC chairperson I would make sure that every organization that applied for funding would receive a fair and thorough deliberation regarding their application.

Being UOFC chairperson would be a new responsibility for me, but one that is important to me and that I would put all of my effort into.

I am not interested in coming into office and making changes right away, but I am interested in learning more about the way things are done now and trying to improve them.

Basically I would like you to vote for me because I think that it is in Yale’s best interest if you do — if I were to be elected I will be committed to making sure that the funding committee is well run and successful.

So–VOTE FOR ME! I love being apart of the Yale community and my only interest is making it better.”