College/Year: Davenport ’05

Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia

Major: Undeclared

Yoon Seok Lee ’05 believes that one of his main qualifications for Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee chairman is his involvement with a wide range of student organizations.

“The reason I wanted to do the UOFC more than any other position is that you get to work with many different groups,” he said.

Lee holds a number of leadership positions at Yale, including Davenport College Yale College Council representative, Davenport master’s aide and board member of Hanpurri, a Korean student association.

Lee has also served as a YCC delegate to the Ivy Council Conference at Dartmouth, where he said he gained knowledge on how organizations receive funding at other institutions.

“We learned a lot of things about funding at other schools,” he said. “[We got] a lot of information to use and present to the [Yale] administration.”

Lee said that through these experiences, he has formed some ideas about how to make improvements to the UOFC. One such change is in the funding application process.

He added that the UOFC chairman is traditionally a visible figure in the YCC and serves “double-duty,” working with both the UOFC and the YCC. If elected, Lee said he plans to work closely with both groups to try to enact some important changes.

Finally, Lee said he wants to make the rules that relate to UOFC grants more flexible. He said one way to accomplish this would be to promote groups to co-sponsor events.

–Shinzong Lee