College/Year: Berkeley ’05

Hometown: Crowley, Texas

Major: Undeclared

Aushrif Javeed said he was critical of the way the Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee currently allocated its funds.

“I know a person who got paid $200 for a swimming pool, while there are community organizations out there not getting anything,” he said.

Javeed said that as UOFC chairman he would try to make funds available to a larger number of student groups by making the application process easier and by increasing the amount of funds available for groups.

“I think it’s much too inaccessible,” he said. “The forms are pretty complicated, and there’s no one to give advice. I want UOFC to be more accessible to organizations. We need a greater budget for the UOFC and a greater budget for student organizations.”

Javeed said that he has developed an understanding of how campus organizations function through his work as Freshman Class Council secretary and the Berkeley College representative to the FCC, as well as his involvement in the Asian-American Student Alliance.

He also encouraged voters to look beyond what candidates say to what they will actually do.

“I think a lot of candidates promise a lot of stuff and then they goof off and just use the position as a resume filler,” he said.

–Adam Mehes