College/Year: Trumbull ’04

Hometown: Buffalo Grove, Ill.

Major: Ethics, Politics and Economics

Andrew Klaber said he thinks people voting in Yale College Council elections should consider the past.

“I think it’s more important to look at what the candidate’s done,” he said. “What sets you apart is what you’ve done with the time you’ve had — I mean, everybody can make promises.”

Klaber, who is running for treasurer, referred to his two years of experience representing Trumbull College on the YCC. He said that after helping institute the Newspaper Readership Program, which provides free newspapers in college dining halls, he raised $5,000 from newspaper distribution organizations for Spring Fling. He said he would like to see corporate sponsorship of Spring Fling in the future.

“If you want a better band, that’s the way,” Klaber said.

Klaber said his other goals for YCC include increasing funding for club sports, increasing the Undergraduate Organization Funding Council’s accountability, and opening membership on the YCC- and Freshman-Class-Council-monopolized Ivy Council to all students. He explained detailed plans for implementing these goals, such as setting up an application process through the dean’s office for Ivy Council candidates.

Klaber also said he thinks strengthening the liaison program would benefit the YCC.

“[The liaison program] is a great idea, but wasn’t carried out as well as it could be.” he said.

In general, he said, he would like to try to “increase accountability and access to all student organizations, especially the YCC.”

–Caroline Massad